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Support for optical network developments

Support for the preparation, planning and implementation of optical network developments – for telecommunications providers and investors

Due to the outstanding advantages of fiber-optic cable communication, all new telecommunications backbone networks are based on fiber-optic cables. In order for this network option to be available to everyone and provide almost unlimited bandwidth, huge improvements are needed in the area of access and aggregation networks. The long-term solution is if the optical cable reaches end users and mobile base stations.

In smaller and larger regions and settlements, the implementation of fiber-optic access and aggregation networks is a costly and time-consuming investment, during which, in addition, several prerequisites must be met. Many business and technical decisions have to be made during the preparation of the optical network design, the detailed design, and the implementation. Netvisor’s NETPlanners Portal’s product helps the main contractor, the investor, the designers and the constructors in every phase of this complex work.

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NETPlanners Portal throughout the entire life cycle of network development projects

  • Ensure the technical and commercial preparation of the design of the optical network
  • Supports the process of detailed permitting and construction planning with editing tools that are an integral part of the framework, with a set of tools that can be flexibly customized for display, automated control, data provision and data extraction
  • Supports the management of the construction project with scheduling and geospatial data, ensuring its collaboration contributing to the implementation

Advantages of using NETPlanner Portal / Smart Strategic Planner (SSP)

Optimized automatic access and transport network planning

Our product provides automatic planning of access and transport networks. Compared to traditional planning, this guarantees much more optimal results from both technical and cost points of view, by planning networks with thousands of endpoints in minutes, and by producing fiber-level technology-specific plan alternatives. Automatic planning has been implemented for GPON, VDSL, HFC, AETH, P2P, DWDM, IP and 5G fronthaul technologies.

SSP accelerates the planning and construction of the access (NGA) and transport networks. The exact installation costs of a given region's network can be determined quickly and cost-effectively. The portal supports efficient work with automated data cleaning and manual editability, whether we are doing strategic level planning or construction planning. For designers, manual intervention is provided at any point in the design. Thanks to its flexible structure, SSP also supports future technologies, regional regulations and specific requirements of manufacturers and service providers.

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Cloud-based, simultaneous access for all project participants

During the planning of the optical network and the construction project, all stakeholders can simultaneously and easily access the data relevant to them through the web-accessible portal.

In addition to complex authorization management, the portal enables decision makers and planners to efficiently create, modify and analyze versioned network plans and surveyed business and planning information. The status, progress and results of the planning and implementation can be easily followed even with any number of participants, and even nationwide network developments can be managed through a single central interface. NETPlanners Portal is therefore a worktable based on a unified geospatial network model that can be customized to company processes and supports joint group work.

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The export of the results produced in the design system can be flexibly adapted to the customer’s needs

From the plans to the final documentation, the data is stored in a geospatial database containing the attributes of the objects, which enables querying, processing and display according to needs.

Detailed GIS-based plans and cost calculations (BOM: bill of materials and CAPEX report) can be used immediately for both equipment and construction procurement and overall management of the installation project. With FME Server integration, our system manages more than 450 different types of data sources, the most typical of which are Oracle, PostGIS, MSSQL databases, Excel files, AutoCAD DWG drawings and Esri Shape files.

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It supports various processes throughout the entire project life cycle

The project participants can communicate with each other more easily, which helps the project to be completed on time. Late or non-scheduled performance can be quickly identified thanks to real-time tracking.

Thanks to the flexible design of the system, user roles, managed data and their interfaces, and supported processes can be customized effectively.

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Main portal services and planning results

The following important planning results can be automatically generated in connection with the networks designed on the portal, which greatly increase the efficiency and quality of the design. Portal services support the cooperation of all relevant actors and increase the return on network infrastructure investments.

    HLD and LLD system designs

  • Equipment and device list
  • Routing of transmission channels
  • Determination of CAPEX, OPEX
  • List of marker geodetic reference points
  • Optical fiber connection plan
  • Network availability calculation (DTR)
  • Optical fiber attenuation calculation
  • Network vulnerability and utilization calculation
  • Distribution frame layout plan
  • The list of properties affected by the network construction
  • Manhole pipe image

    Production of construction authorization official documents

    Support for design cooperation:

  • among professional designers
  • with the participating authorities
  • with utility operators

    Filling the technical inventory database with the as-built network data

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