Quality assurance of multi-play services

For digital media service providers, it implements the quality assurance of multi-play services provided by transmission networks and end-user equipment

Digital media and audio services are critical services characterized by high customer expectations and low tolerance for service faults and quality problems.

Service providers need an effective tool that makes it possible for customers to be constantly satisfied.

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iTVSense components measure and monitor the quality of service at the service center, backbone, distribution and access networks, as well as at the customer.

Netvisor’s The iTVSense solution implements the quality assurance of multi-play services provided by the IPTV service center, transmission networks and end-user equipment. The task of the comprehensive, modular iTVSense is to ensure the quality of multi-play services, which not only maximizes the availability and quality of video and audio services, but also simplifies and thus makes operational processes related to them efficient and cost-effective.

The services of iTVSense cover the following:

quality and completeness of IPTV, VoD, DVBx, OTT signal transmission

availability of VoIP services and voice quality

the availability, bandwidth and user experience of the Internet data transfer service

Benefits of using iTVSense

Service insurance management for residential telecommunications services

It provides a comprehensive service management solution for the entire IPTV, DVBx, OTT and VoIP infrastructure, including broadband internet monitoring. A highly available, highly scalable, distributed measurement data collection and analysis platform that supports multicast media streaming and Video On It is also suitable for analyzing demand broadcasts and has a real -time status overview view and long-term data collection and analysis capabilities.

Providing E2E supervision

The iTVSense system is capable of monitoring service centers, backbone, aggregation and access networks, including CPE devices. In this way, the quality of the service can be ensured through a uniform system, a single operating team, and a consistent interface.

Backware Correction Error (BEC) error correction procedure

Active quality of service improvement on the end-user side in the case of multicast channels (iTVSense BEC). During operation over xDSL, GPON or DOCSIS-3 networks, it eliminates the decrease in user experience caused by packet loss in 95% of cases. Thanks to buffering, the end user does not experience service quality degradation. Manufacturer-independent solution embedded in the Linux network stack.

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