Our company, Netvisor Zrt., is the legal successor of Netvisor Kft., founded on April 19, 1998, which was registered as a Zrt. by the Cégbíróság (Registry Court) on March 4, 2008.

Netvisor is a system integrator specializing in the design, creation, implementation and support of IT and communication infrastructures, value-added IT and IoT service systems, as well as systems for managing them. Innovation, research and development play a dominant role in the company’s activities.

Netvisor supports the entire life cycle of infocommunication infrastructure development, from strategic and implementation planning to implementation and operation support solutions. Netvisor considers its most important task to offer its customers solutions that help improve the reliability of their infocommunication infrastructure, the operational efficiency of their IT systems, and the quality of their infocommunication services.

Pillars of NETvisor’s activity:

Information communication system integration

Our systems designed for customers combine the hardware and software tools of the world’s leading manufacturers and, if necessary, our own developed products, providing an optimal solution in order to achieve their business goals. Our activities within the framework of infocommunication system integration cover the entire life cycle of IT projects – strategic decision preparation, planning, implementation, support, system review, consulting.

The development of information systems includes the customization of new IT solutions according to individual customer needs, as well as their adaptation to existing IT solutions.

ICT operational support systems

Our operation support products and solutions ensure the efficient and safe operation of complex and mission-critical ICT systems. Our service management solutions enable our customers to automate their IT processes, reduce costs and risk, improve the utilization of their resources, manage changes in their systems, monitor service quality and serve their customers’ needs at a high level.

Designing and supporting the construction of new generation networks

NETvisor designs extensive FTTx, HFC and xDSL access and IP/DWDM transport networks for complex network development projects with the support of machine algorithms. In addition to automated strategic network planning, the framework of the NETPlanners Portal supports the implementation planning of optical cable networks and facilitates the collaboration of actors participating in the network development project.

Design and implementation of highly reliable, complex service and industrial networks

A high level of expertise and many years of experience are extremely important when planning and implementing high-reliability, complex service networks. In the field of service provider network technologies and managed solutions, NETvisor Zrt.’s activities are decisive both on the Hungarian and international markets.

Our activities include the application of MPLS technologies used in service provider networks, the creation of optical backbones and access networks, IPTV networks, Internet service provider solutions, and the operation of national L2 and L3 networks. We use the products of leading device manufacturers (e.g. Cisco, Nokia, Huawei) during planning and implementation.

Our business activity is based on high added-value work, more than 80% of our employees are electrical engineers, technical IT specialists and programming mathematicians with advanced degrees.

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