Technical inventory

Map-based multi-layer technical inventory for telecommunications providers, utilities, state administration institutions and large companies

Netvisor’s the NETinv service and network resource technical inventory product provides integrated technical maintenance of the networks and IT systems for telecommunications service providers and large companies.

The accurate records of services and network power sources are necessary for the efficient performance of daily operational tasks – troubleshooting, service implementation, planning and capacity management.

An essential tool for the rapid creation and activation of new telecommunications and IT services is an accurate knowledge of the available and necessary power sources for the provision of services. An up-to-date record of the connections between physical and logical power sources is necessary for optimal capacity expansion. The provision of services is not possible effectively without the knowledge of the connections and interdependencies between the services and the logical and physical resources.

Netvisor’s NETinv multi-layer technical record keeping product provides a solution to the above business needs.

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Main features of NETinv

Enables a comprehensive, complete inventory of communication and IT services, logical and physical resources.

Supports the optimal utilization of the capacities inherent in the network and helps carry out planning, capacity and capacity management tasks.

Effectively supports the provision of services, the smooth provision of daily operational tasks, and rapid troubleshooting.

Benefits of using NETinv

Increases the reliability of the provision of infocommunication services and efficiency

NETinv provides unified access to the data of network power sources from multiple manufacturers, using multiple technologies, and from different network layers (service, IP, data transmission, physical) for interpersonal relationships. By modeling the service hierarchy, NETinv helps identify which network resource failures affect which services (bottom – up approach) and conversely also that a problem occurring in a given service can be traced back to the failure of exactly which physical device (top to bottom approach). Knowing the exact technical registration data speeds up troubleshooting.

NETinv is an independent product of production and technology. New equipment families, technologies and individual attributes can be quickly modeled and entered into the public domain without software development. The user can easily add these on the control panel.

NETinv is easy to learn, and its user-friendly web user interface and administration interface can be customized. NETinv is based on open standards and can therefore be easily integrated into work support systems via standard industry interfaces and APIs.

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Accelerates the introduction of new services

NETinv supports the planning and modification of the infocommunication network with accurate and up-to-date power source data.

IT procurement can be optimized thanks to more precise capacity planning. Information and communication planning tasks are made easier by the fact that NETinv manages technical inventory objects throughout their entire life cycle.

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Supports the optimal use of resources

NETinv inventories, manages and documents the sites, physical devices, physical connections and logical connections found in the network.

It helps the planning process by being able to manage planned power sources that are not yet found in the network. It is the being and planned power resources can be reserved for logical connections and services, which supports business planning.

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Ensures the data enrichment of fault and change management processes

NETinv is a fundamental, central element of a comprehensive work support solution. It provides data for other system components that support work, such as customer service, service level (SLA) management, and performance monitoring.

These integrated solutions make it easier to detect faults and follow changes in network resources. NETinv inventories the correlations between physical, logical and service levels, thereby supporting fault monitoring systems in performing correlations. For example, if a device or cable fails, you can ask which services are affected by this failure. NETinv supports network planning and development processes with topology and capacity data. It provides the possibility to fix the planned elements and reserve the necessary capacities.

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Provides an opportunity to build an IoT and IIoT inventory

IoT solutions are gaining more and more space, and within this, Industrial IoT (IIoT) systems are highlighted.

The large extent and heterogeneous structure of IoT systems make the use of precise technical records inevitable. NETinv is the perfect solution for managing these complex systems thanks to its flexible and scalable inventory functions.

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