IT security solutions

Design and implementation of multi-level and comprehensive IT protection systems

We design and develop protection systems, implement secure data connections and remote access to networks, and perform security audits. Whether the task is the protection of the entire IT system or the implementation of some special sub-function, in all cases we cooperate with our customers, assess their needs and supplement it with our many years of experience to help in the development of IT security functions.

The tasks below are performed based on the IT security rule system available from the Customer. If this is not available or is incomplete, we undertake its assessment and creation as a consultancy.

When developing our corporate solutions, we primarily use the product families of Cisco, EMC/RSA, IBM, F5, and Fortinet.

IT security solutions and activities

Secure remote access, Border protection solutions

Firewall, VPN, secure connection of sites, web content filters, network intrusion protection

User identification

Simple and multi-factor identification, creation of authorization rules, SSO systems

Protection of data centers

Datacenter security, physical protection of racks, VM security, development of security services that can be recommended to customers

Protection of wired LAN and Wi-Fi networks

NAC system (IDM), BYOND and MDM management of mobile devices, implementation of guest access

Security management

Log collection / storage / reporting / alarm, creation of SIEM systems, BCP and DRP

Security audit of system elements and sub-areas

Auditing and compliance testing of system components from an IT security point of view


MÁV Zrt. line reconstruction

  • Development of a platform supporting the telecommunications tasks of infrastructure development
  • Preparation of the high-level system plan of the optical network, the IP/MPLS and DWDM transmission network, and the operation support system of the GSMR-2 system
  • Construction of an IP/MPLS and DWDM transmission network
  • Detailed planning (licensing and implementation) of the construction of a fiber-optic cable network
  • Implementation of the GSM-R 2 system operation support system

KIFÜ Superfast Internet Project

The Network Development Support and Monitoring System supported all phases of the “Superfast Internet Project”:

  • Mapping: service mapping, infrastructure mapping
  • Strategic planning
  • Tendering
  • Implementation planning support
  • Implementation project monitoring

Hungarian National Chamber of Notaries

Development, expansion and support of the IT infrastructure since 2012

  • Expert operation support service with 24/7 availability
  • Creating storage replication
  • Participation in the establishment of a new data center (establishment of cabling, power supply, network, basic infrastructure)
  • Implementation of an IP telephone system
  • Creation of a disaster-resistant operation with 2 sites

Further services

ICT Strategy and concept creation, audit

IT and telecommunications strategic consulting,
concept development, system audits

ICT Infrastructure

Design of ICT networks and data centers

ICT System Integration

Implementation and integration of hardware and software systems of leading manufacturers, managed with our support systems

System operation, outsourcing or in the form of SaaS

Operation of ICT systems with customer service, expert and manufacturer support

ICT Service management

Performance monitoring, infrastructure inventories, fault detection, quality management, creation of management dashboards

Custom software development

Development and implementation of unique software solutions, applications

IT security solutions

Design and implementation of multi-level and comprehensive IT protection systems

Industry 4.0 and R&D

Industry 4.0 solutions for the entire production process, R&D ecosystem value creation capability

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