ICT Service Management

Performance monitoring, infrastructure inventories, fault detection, quality management, creation of management dashboards

Companies and institutions that use IT and communication services rightly demand that they can continuously monitor and supervise the most important parameters of the service they receive: the fulfillment of the values agreed in the service contract, the price of the service, service modifications that can be inferred from trends, etc.

Whether you are a company manager or an IT specialist, with the help of Netvisor ICT service management systems and experienced experts, you can monitor the quality availability of your ICT services and ICT infrastructure.

Netvisor always offers its customers ICT service management solutions that are best suited to their existing information communication devices and at the same time cost-effective. They are as follows:

Operation support systems

Performance monitoring

With help of performance monitoring of ICT services, ICT operating staff can proactively and more effectively eliminate problems and perform their daily operational tasks.

Infrastructure inventory

Map-based multi-layer technical record an essential tool for the rapid creation and activation of new IT services.

Fault management

Unified fault and alarm monitoring promotes fast troubleshooting, minimizing the duration of service outages, and proactive fault management.

Network discovery and documentation

With the help of automatic network discovery, the network can be discovered end-to-end independent of the manufacturer, and without this up-to-date network information, the operation of networks is unthinkable.

Quality management

ICT service quality management with the help of our product, uniquely objective and accurate SLA reports can be prepared, and a dashboard is available.

Management dashboards

The task of the management dashboard, realized by Netvisor according to individual needs, is to provide summary information to senior management and managers responsible for operations on the periodic evolution of the expectations set for supervised services.

Ensuring the quality of IPTV services

Our solution implements the comprehensive quality assurance of multi-play services provided by the IPTV service center, transmission networks and end-user equipment.

Creation of management dashboards

The task of the management dashboard provided by the Netvisor operation support management systems is to provide managers responsible for operations and senior management with summary information on the periodic evolution of expectations for supervised services, and in the event of performance degradation, to draw attention to the emerging problem in a clearly visible manner.

These dashboards (control panels) are technically concise, well-reviewed online diagrams that can be drawn on one or several screens and are constantly updated at preset time intervals. Reports set to multi-page are not displayed on the dashboard interface as a long document to be paged, but on pages that can be conveniently clicked on the GUI. The individual pages may contain links through which you can access more detailed information, e.g. you can get to other dashboard pages or even to a detailed listing of the evolution of the given performance indicators over time.

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ICT inventory / Infrastructure inventory

One of the most important support monitoring tools for ICT operation support organizations is the technical inventory system.

The essence of model-based dynamic technical records is that the logical ICT layers that are physically built and installed on them, and their connections, are realistically and accurately stored according to the manufacturer's independent model that best suits the ICT environment, which is essential for troubleshooting and capacity management. Netvisor’s NETinv's product can fully handle these expectations, both at the physical (geographical and physical location) and logical (devices, connections) levels.

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ICT infrastructure exploration / Network exploration and documentation

Due to the large number of monitored ICT components and their complex connections, it is necessary to use a system that implements an automatic detection function.

Netvisor’s IP Explorer product is capable of detecting and documenting inhomogeneous IP networks and infrastructure elements and their logical connections in a fully automated manner. During detection, this system takes over the infrastructure and their connection data by accessing the devices directly or by accessing the IT and network monitoring systems. Connected to the NETinv product, it can automatically upload this logical information to the NETinv inventory.

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ICT performance monitoring, supervision

The task of the performance monitoring system is the collection and storage of IT infrastructure, network and application key performance indicators and, if necessary, generating alarms for operators.

The purpose of monitoring the performance of the supervised telecommunications network, IT infrastructure and the applications running on it is that the operating organization can accurately see the actual availability and performance of the ICT systems, and by using the information obtained from the monitoring, it can quickly learn about the performance reduction in the operation of the systems, and that the system with the information provided, you can receive support for the accurate and quick exploration of the causes. These measurements can be used to detect physical and logical resource bottlenecks and capacity problems in time, as well as to verify the quality of the services provided by the system. Netvisor’s PerformanceVisor (PVSR) product can provide operators with a unified view of the monitoring systems in a highly scalable and one-stop shop manner, spanning the various ICT technologies.

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ICT fault monitoring /Fault detection

The task of the fault monitoring system is to perform fault analysis based on modeling, using rules and correlations, based on the infrastructure alarm event data received in the system.

As a result of the processing of incoming events, the fault monitoring system determines the cause-and-effect relationships and root causes of the fault, and with the help of these, it shortens the troubleshooting process, thus reducing the duration of the service outage. The network and infrastructure model data can come directly from the registration system. Netvisor’s Fault Manager (FM) product, based on NETinv data, is capable of correlated event processing, taking into account performance degradation threshold level alarms from individual monitored systems via PVSR.

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ICT Service quality supervision / Quality management

A comprehensive evaluation of the quality of ICT services, either to verify compliance with the contractual customer’s SLA conditions or for the purpose of internal operator OLA evaluation, is a priority task in an IT operating organization.

This requires the collection, processing and evaluation of key performance indicators (KPI) from the ICT systems and the production of reports on the results, as well as the display of the current status of the measured data via a dashboard interface. All processed data originally comes from a partner ITIL ticketing, performance and fault management systems, so the SLA management system also fulfills a data integration function between the operation support systems. The Netvisor SLA Suite product performs these tasks in a one-stop shop manner.

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IPTV monitoring / quality assurance of IPTV services

To ensure the quality of IPTV services, the application of a flexible and versatile performance and service quality management solution is inevitable.

Service providers want to meet the quality expectations of their IPTV subscribers by comprehensively monitoring and continuously developing the service provider's network, e.g. by improving access lines. Netvisor’s The iTVSense product displays data from measurement and alarm and other data sources (e.g. IPTV Middleware) as an IPTV specific dashboard. Netvisor probes installed at different locations in the service provider's network can measure IPTV reception data (loss, jitter, MDI, etc.) and send this data to the server side.

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MÁV Zrt. line reconstruction

  • Development of a platform supporting the telecommunications tasks of infrastructure development
  • Preparation of the high-level system plan of the optical network, the IP/MPLS and DWDM transmission network, and the operation support system of the GSMR-2 system
  • Construction of an IP/MPLS and DWDM transmission network
  • Detailed planning (licensing and implementation) of the construction of a fiber-optic cable network
  • Implementation of the GSM-R 2 system operation support system

KIFÜ Superfast Internet Project

The Network Development Support and Monitoring System supported all phases of the “Superfast Internet Project”:

  • Mapping: service mapping, infrastructure mapping
  • Strategic planning
  • Tendering
  • Implementation planning support
  • Implementation project monitoring

Hungarian National Chamber of Notaries

Development, expansion and support of the IT infrastructure since 2012

  • Expert operation support service with 24/7 availability
  • Creating storage replication
  • Participation in the establishment of a new data center (establishment of cabling, power supply, network, basic infrastructure)
  • Implementation of an IP telephone system
  • Creation of a disaster-resistant operation with 2 sites

Further services

ICT Strategy and concept creation, audit

IT and telecommunications strategic consulting,
concept development, system audits

ICT Infrastructure

Design of ICT networks and data centers

ICT System Integration

Implementation and integration of hardware and software systems of leading manufacturers, managed with our support systems

System operation, outsourcing or in the form of SaaS

Operation of ICT systems with customer service, expert and manufacturer support

ICT Service management

Performance monitoring, infrastructure inventories, fault detection, quality management, creation of management dashboards

Custom software development

Development and implementation of unique software solutions, applications

IT security solutions

Design and implementation of multi-level and comprehensive IT protection systems

Industry 4.0 and R&D

Industry 4.0 solutions for the entire production process, R&D ecosystem value creation capability

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